Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too Funny Not to Share

Tonight while I was getting everyone fed, Josie began correcting Jake. Here's how our conversation went...

Me: "Let me be the mom. That's why I make the big bucks."
Josie: "You don't get paid to be a mom."
Me: "Really? Then why do I do it?"

She then said that she knew the answer to this question, but had to whisper it in my ear because there was a bad word in the answer.

Josie: "For the heck of it."

I just had to laugh at that.

Spring Break

Our Spring Break included lots of cousin fun...

being silly...
tomato planting...

gardening 101 according to Cody...

a trip to the antique store (Isn't this a fun purchase? Who wouldn't want an old gum rack to catch keys, sunglasses and change on his counter?)...

something mysterious that got in Jake's mouth.

Notice the tent pitched by Laura and I in the background. It only took a few mess-ups and few beverage breaks to accomplish. The girls even slept in it one entire night.
Don't mind Jake; he's still having issues...This picture definitely deserves a close-up!
The Wii got a workout between these two boys-and Cody. It's kind of sad when you hear your kids say, "Daddy, can we please have a turn now?"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Party Pics

On Monday, Josie had her Spinner Banquet.

She never misses an opportunity for pictures

All the girls looked so pretty, and much different than their usual workout clothes.