Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Giant Tomato Plants

Remember our little garden a month ago?

Look at it now!

Our tomatoes have gone CRAZY! I'm not sure what to do about them. I've thought about pruning them like a shrub...any suggestions?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

History Day

Today was History Day at our house. Josie came up with the idea of choosing a historical time period to "celebrate." She chose Colonial America (1770's) because one of her favorite movies is "Felicity: An American Girl." Here is a picture from the movie.

She created her outfit with a little help from Amy and Ashly. She also made me wear a dress. Jake refused to participate.

We've learned about the colonies, loyalists and patriots and taxes. Josie is particularly interested in the clothing of the time and the difference in boys' and girls' education.

Josie served us tea--Jake did decide to participate in the tea party.
We also searched for Colonial recipes online. We found one for a Ham and Potato casserole, which we made along with corn-on-the-cob.
You might be wondering about our use of electricity and other modern conveniences. Josie decided we should still use the air conditioner but she did turn the lights off. By lunch, she decided that History Day should probably just be a half-day. Thankfully, I was allowed to change out of my dress. For our next History Day, we are using the Little House book series as inspiration and celebrating pioneer times.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The End In Sight

Today was Josie's awards program, and this year I actually managed to have my camera.

She also got to be Librarian for the day. Cody bought it for her at the Spring Carnival auction. I guess we can count the day as a success since she is now planning to be a librarian when she grows up. Thanks to Mrs. Cantu and Ms. Jackson for a special day! She was wishing she would have worn more comfortable shoes by the end of it. Now she knows why most teachers don't wear heels.

From One Generation to Another

Fishing is a Spivey tradition. The first time Cody and I met, I think his pickup line was something like, "Hey baby, wanna go fishing?" Little did I know that he was serious.

Luckily, Granny and PaPa live on a lake. So this weekend, we were able to celebrate Austin's graduation and still get in some fishing time.
I love to watch the Spivey men fish with the kids. This past weekend, they spent a lot of time catching perch.
Jake also got to go with the big guys to check the trot line. On Saturday, Jake woke me up and said, "Mama, you're missing all the fun!" He then proceeded to give me the fishing report for the morning trot line check. He is a Spivey through and through.
So far neither Josie nor Jake (or their cousins) have taken over the job of baiting their own hooks. Actually, come to think of it, none of them really want to touch the fish after they catch them, but I have no doubt that lesson is coming. For now, Cody and Uncle Cory did most of the dirty work.
Chaz rigged up this bucket to carry the perch that were caught so he wouldn't have to touch them. The only problem was that the fish kept jumping out of the bucket.
There's just something special about watching them fish with their daddies, PaPa and their uncles.

Maybe it's the idea of a tradition being passed from one generation to another.
Maybe it's just knowing that their lives are broader than tv and video games.
Whatever it is, I know we are blessed to be raising another generation of fishermen.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Party Pics

Here are a few more graduation party pictures.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Graduate

We celebrated another graduation on Saturday. Our nephew Austin is graduating from high school. It has been such a pleasure watching this young man grow up. When we got married, he was only 6.

Now he's about to enter the real world.

One of his graduation gifts was a handmade quilt. Granny carefully chose the fabric and hand pieced it just for Austin.

It was fun to celebrate with family. Austin is the oldest of all the cousins, and the little ones love him!
The anticipation of cake...

"I want the hair!"

"I want the eyeballs!"
Congratulations Austin! We love you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gig 'Em Aggies!

On Friday, we watched my youngest cousin graduate from college. It's amazing how time flies. On my mom's side of the family there are 5 cousins, and he was the last of us to graduate from A&M. When my brother graduated, he was 5 (the same age as Jake). It was so fun to be able to see him graduate. The only thing that would have made it better is if Nonnie would have been able to be there, but I know she was thinking about him all day. In fact, I got periodic texts from my sister saying, "Nonnie would like an update" or "Nonnie wants to know if Brant graduated with honors." Next we get to watch Brant and his sweet Ashly get married.
Congratulations Brant!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Short-Lived Slip'N'Slide

We used to have a slip-n-slide, last week. Apparently they don't make slip-n-slides like the used to.

Come to think of it, I really don't know how they used to be made. Our slip-n-slide was irrigation pipe that we split open and set up a sprinkler beside.
It didn't have a special way to sprinkle the water just so along the edge, like our slide from last week did. It wasn't based on a cartoon character or movie (Toy Story 3). It was just plain old plastic pipe.
Our farm-rigged slip-n-slide didn't rip apart the third time we used it either. That's why we no longer have a slip-n-slide. At least we got 3 uses out of. At $10, that's $3.33 for each time we rolled it out and hooked it up. We tried using Jake's camo duck tape to fix the leak, but it just wouldn't hold--and I thought duck tape or bailing wire would fix anything.

Monday, May 10, 2010

P.E. according to Josie

Me: "Did you have to run in PE today?"
Josie: "No."
Me: "What are you guys doing then?"
Josie: "Playing softball."
Me: "Oh, do you like softball?"
Josie: "Yes, but I don't want to play it."
Me: "Why not?"
Josie: "It's too much outsideness."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Earbook Needed

Jake: "Mom, can you buy me an earbook?"
Me: "What?"
Jake: "You know, an earbook."
Me: "Where do you get it?"
Jake: "At school. It has pictures of everyone in it. I really want one. Everyone else got one."

Oh, a YEARBOOK. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Carry a Catfish

Holding a catfish is tricky.
You have to be very careful to avoid the parts that could cut your skin. Thankfully, Josie had PaPa to give her a lesson on how to do it.
Just look at the concentration on her face.
I'm not sure if she liked it, but she did it!
Jake, on the other hand, was a little more reluctant.
He came up with an innovative solution. Use a towel to keep from touching it! I think he learned this from Granny.
He still doesn't look all that sure about the task.

But he did it!